Vietnam POW Fundraiser

Airpower Foundation is working with the official NAMPOW Inc organization, to create this exclusive 50th Anniversary Return to Freedom Commemorative bracelet to help raise funds to offset costs for the 50th and final formal reunion of the Vietnam POW group.

With a donation of $30 or more, the donor will receive this one of a kind bracelet.  Limited bracelets are available.

POW Bracelet

A POW bracelet (or POW/MIA bracelet) is a nickel-plated or copper commemorative bracelet engraved with the rank, name, and loss date of an American serviceman captured or missing during the Vietnam War.[1]

The bracelets were first created in May 1970 by a California student group called Voices in Vital America (VIVA), with the intention that American prisoners of war in Vietnam not be forgotten.[1] Those who wore the bracelets vowed to leave them on until the POW named on the bracelet, or their remains, were returned to America.[2]

Between 1970 and 1973, approximately 4 million bracelets were distributed.[1] Politicians, entertainers, and models wore the bracelets.[2]

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