Dr Don Shelton is the founder and Chairman and CEO of Air Radio Network, Inc.  He established the company to provide a unique way of learning and communication for students, parents and families of private schools.  The initial program at The Oakridge School in Arlington, Texas proved to be very successful.  The program has since been expanded to additional locations.

Shelton was co-founded and CEO of American Independent Network, Inc, and served as President of seven television stations.  American Independent Network broadcasted 24 hours per day via satellite, and had over 150 affiliate television stations and television cable systems throughout the United States.

Shelton was a Presidential Appointee in the Reagan Administration as the Regional Representative of the Secretary of the US Department of Transportation and Vice Chairman of the Southwest Federal Regional Council for eight years.  He is also a past Chairman of the Fort Worth Airpower Council.

Dr Shelton’s notable achievements include raising $150,000 to $$200,000 annually for charities playing Santa Claus, leader on the team that did the famous Wendy’s commercial “Where’s the Beef?”, and a double for Richard Attenborough in the movies Miracle on 34th Street and Jurassic Park.

Dr. Shelton received degrees from the University of Oklahoma, Kansas University and the Philanthropy Tax Institute.  He received a doctorate degree in English Literature from Louisiana Baptist University.