Tillman, the worlds fastest skateboarding Bulldog was a guest at Sky Ball X, and was inducted as an honorary Marine!  On Friday, February 1st, his show, Who Let the Dogs Out, will premiere on the Hallmark Channel featuring his attendance at Sky Ball.  Please see the links below to find the channel in your local area.  The show will begin at 12 pm CST.

Here is a link to show times in your area.



or use the Channel Locator page. Just insert your zip code on this link:



Also, the “Who Let The Dogs Out” web site is:



Please take a moment after watching the show, and provide feedback on how much you enjoyed Tillman and help the ratings of our friends for all their support of the military.  You can submit the feedback by following the link below.  On the FAQ page click the link that says “CLICK HERE” to open their form: