On February 28th, 2017, The Airpower Foundation was proud to partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation and American Airlines to present a special sendoff celebration at Grapevine High School for the beginning of Soaring Valor.  Students and WWII veterans traveled on a donated American Airlines aircraft with an all volunteer flight crew to New Orleans to visit the National WWII Museum.  Each student was pared with a veteran for the trip and will received a living history lesson of a lifetime along with their WWII partner.  Soaring Valor is a program of the Gary Sinise Foundation to bring WWII veterans to visit the national museum, and to help record their oral histories of their experiences during the war.  We were honored to have Medal of Honor Recipient,  Gary Littrell, Gary Sinise, Granddaughter of President Eisenhower, Mary Eisenhower, Americas Tenor Steve Amerson, and of course all of our WWII veterans and students in attendance.

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Additional photos of the entire weekend courtesy of the Gary Sinise Foundation

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