NAMPOW Bracelet Fundraiser

With your donation of $30.00 or more you will receive an exclusive commemorative 50th Anniversary Return to Freedom bracelet. All funds raised will help offset the costs of the 50th reunion for these heroes. Our goal is to raise enough money so no POW has to have out of pocket expenses.


On the 5th of August 1964, the first American aviator was shot down over the hostile skies of North Vietnam. LTJG Everett Alvarez would spend more than eight years in the hellish Prisoner of War camps of North Vietnam, enduring inhumane torture, and isolation during his lengthy captivity. Unfortunately, he was the first of many. More than 700 American servicemen would join him in the North Vietnam POW camps.

From February 12th through April 4th, 1973, 662 American Military Prisoners of War returned to freedom during Operation Homecoming. Tragically, 73 American military personnel died in captivity. 263 of these true heroes have since died, leaving 399 former Vietnam POW’s alive today. This elite group of warriors suffered immensely, but held true to their motto, Return with Honor. They each exemplify service before self, sacrifice and an incredible love and devotion for the United States of America.