Dear Patriot,

The Airpower Foundation is proud to announce a spectacular tribute to honor our healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as always for our military heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Operation Airdrop will be held on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th, in Fort Worth and Arlington, as a combined effort between the Airpower Foundation, The All Veteran Group, Fort Worth Oral Surgery, Baylor, Harris, JPS, Tarrant Regional Water District, Bell Fort Worth Alliance Airshow, Alliance Aviation Service, The Vintage Flying Museum, The Texas Rangers, The City of Fort Worth, and The City of Arlington. 

Mike Elliott, President of the All Veteran Group and a retired U.S. Army Golden Knight, will perform a skydive demonstration with his team over the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington. Featuring a sky-typing aircraft that will draw a 2-mile-wide heart in the sky over the cities. Mike and his team will skydive from 10,000 feet with thank you banners, military banners, and a 1,400 Sq. Foot American flag in tow. 

Colored smoke will trace the sky as they parachute over the cities, and through the heart drawn in the sky to symbolize the loving appreciation we all feel for our healthcare workers, first responders, and our fallen military heroes.

We invite the public to view with safe social distancing practices at each jump site. The landing zone in the City of Fort Worth will be Panther Island Pavilion and Tundra Lot B just north of Globe Life Field in Arlington. The jump in Fort Worth will take place at noon and at 4:00 p.m. in Arlington.

The City of Arlington will open all the parking lots around Globe Life Field for the public to be able to park and view the tribute.

“We are honored to host this extraordinary tribute, along with all of our partners,” said Sid Eppes, Chairman of the Airpower Foundation. “We thank everyone involved to make this possible to express our appreciation and thanks to our healthcare workers, first responders, and to honor our fallen military heroes on Memorial Day.”

“Our mission on the AVG is to honor, remember and serve and on Memorial Day we are honored to be a part of special tribute to say thank you,” said Mike Elliott, President of the All Veteran Group. “Thank you to those who sacrifice daily to make our world a better place! God Bless you All.”

“The City of Fort Worth is honored to be a part of this spectacular tribute,” said Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price. “Fort Worth has always had a deep appreciation for our military and their families, and we especially are honored to recognize our fallen military heroes on this Memorial Day.”

“We also sincerely appreciate all of our healthcare workers, and first responders who have been on the frontlines combatting COVID-19 to keep our residents safe and healthy,” continued Fort Worth Mayor Price. “I thank the Airpower Foundation, All Veteran Group, Fort Worth Oral Surgery, and all the partners involved to make this tribute possible.”

“We’re incredibly grateful for the Airpower Foundation and their unwavering commitment to supporting our nation’s military, wounded service members and their families,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams. “The Operation Airdrop event planned for Memorial Day will be a moving tribute to our men and women who have died protecting our freedoms as Americans, and in recognizing both the first responders and healthcare heroes working to defeat the coronavirus.”

“Fort Worth Oral Surgery is proud to sponsor this event and provide the aircraft for the jump team to conduct Operation Airdrop,” said William F. Runyon, Jr., DDS. “Having spent over 14 years on active duty as an Army Oral Surgeon, I am honored to recognize all of our fallen military heroes on Memorial Day with this tribute, and as a COVID-19 Survivor, I am forever grateful to our healthcare workers who tirelessly serve on the healthcare frontline against this nasty infection.”  

“It’s the strength of our community members rallying behind us that give us momentum to move forward in these unprecedented times. We’re grateful for all of our fellow frontline workers, all of the service members and those behind the scenes that continue to make sacrifices every day. What an incredible opportunity to be a part of an event that encourages hope and optimism, recognizing so many true heroes!” said Mike Sanborn, President of Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth.

“JPS team members know who they can count on for support when it’s needed most. Thank you for all you do, and we are excited to be a part of this uplifting event,” said Robert Earley, President and CEO, JPS Health Network. “It’s important to keep looking up in times of trial. JPS is proud to partner in this wonderful event, and may it bring joy and hope to all who see it.”

“The All Veteran Parachute Team is an inspirational group of experienced parachutists who represent the very best of American patriotism, including freedom, diversity, dedication, hard work and compassion. Watching them skydive is a breathtaking experience, and we’re thrilled to partner with them for the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. Their professionalism and expertise are outstanding.” Said Christina Carey, Special Projects Manager at Fort Worth Alliance Airport

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We are extremely grateful to all of our partners who helped make this tribute possible, and we thank you.

As always, thank you for your continual support, and we hope you enjoy the tribute!


The Airpower Foundation 

The Heart Behind Sky Ball

Our premier fundraising event, Airpower Foundation Sky Ball, has raised over $24 million since its inception that has funded hundreds of military support programs  thanks to our generous sponsors. Sky Ball fundraising gala is the kick-off event for this most Patriotic Weekend. Events over the weekend include educational outreach programs to local area schools, a pep rally and concert for military and families Friday evening, the Commander’s Classic at Globe Life Field where Army takes on AirForce, and Military Appreciation Day at the Cowboy’s game on Sunday.  There simply is no other event in the country that matches the size and scope of Sky Ball.