Airpower Foundation Chairman, Roman Palomares, and Board Members John Kinnear, and Kevin Pottinger, with some of the campers we were able to sponsor, along with the camp staff.

One of our sponsored campers having a great time!!


The Airpower Foundation was proud to partner with the Armed Services YMCA, and sponsor over 100 military children to attend Camp Carter in Fort Worth. With our donation, the Armed Services YMCA was able to offer a week of Overnight Camp to the children (ages 7-16) of military personnel who have had to deal with PCS, deployments, or a parent who might have been wounded, injured, or are ill.

At YMCA Camp Carter Overnight Camp, campers live, play, and build deep bonds with their peers. Campers must rely on the others in their cabin groups to share daily responsibilities.

Overnight Camp is for ages 7-16, runs from Sunday afternoon until Friday evening, includes 15 meals, and overnight accommodations in a fully climate controlled cabin with lots of supervision by our well trained staff.

Each cabin is led by a senior counselor with overnight camp experience, and each unit is led by an upper class college student or graduate studying education, recreation, or another appropriate field of study. Campers spend time with their cabin group, making new friends, exploring the property, and participate in all kinds of fun activities like climbing the 60′ climbing wall, or hiking to see Old Man Tucker’s truck.

Cabin groups come together as units during the week, and participate in camp fires, cookouts, group competitions, and games.

Everyone in camp meet for meals, messages and devotions, and to sing camp songs at the top of their lungs.

Here are some comments from parents of children who have attended the camp:

“Camp Carter has helped teach my son how to be more independent, make new friends from other walks of life, and how to make fun summer memories.” – Parent from Summer 2016

“My daughter shows more confidence in herself when leaving camp. She has been going for the past 3 years, and she is more independent, is proud to make good choices, and not easily influenced to doing bad.” – Summer 2016 Survey Comment

We are very impressed with all the services the Armed Services YMCA provides, and all they do to support our military, and their families. The Airpower Foundation is proud to partner with them, and we look forward to providing much more support in the future. We also thank you for your support of the Airpower Foundation, and Sky Ball, which allows us to provide the much needed assistance for programs such as this.

The Armed Services YMCA also published a very nice article about our sponsorship, and the impact we were able to provide for the children who attended the camp. You can view the article by clicking here.

To learn more about Camp Carter, and the Armed Services YMCA, please click the links below: