Whether you call it an Air Show or an Air Power Expo, it’s a terrific program for all our area citizens. The “Skipper” and the various unit commanders have seen to it that there is a broad expanse of military aircraft on hand for the visitors to see up close and personal.

The FWAPC “working crew” was on hand to set up the FWAPC pavilion, and Jim Campbell and his chefs were there to prepare the food. Our guests of honor were the award winning enlisted personnel from all of the representative branches. The free food and beverages flowed steadily for two days thanks to so many participating donors.

Roman & Sid mastered the basics of “tab A into slot B” despite winds in excess of 20 mph. Once the tent was up and the tower was ready….let the “PJ’s” jump on in. Jump they did, and landed right on target, which had to be a major challenge in those winds.

Aircraft from the oldest to the newest (including an F-35 JSF) were on hand, as well as flyovers including a B-52, a B-2 and F-16’s. Stunt pilots and a wing-walker also left the crowd making plenty of oooh and aaah sounds. A-10’s dropping “bombs” and firing cannon rounds were quite realistic.

There were many activities on hand for all, especially for the children.

And, as you’ll note in the last photo, the “Skipper” has found a unique way to hold base expenses down by converting his “little yeller humvee” into a taxi cab on week ends.