The 301st took a moment to reflect on and congratulate the superior achievements of its Airmen AND civilian family on Saturday, February 1, 2014. Award Categories were: Civilian, Airman, Noncommissioned Officer, Senior Noncommissioned Officer, First Sergeant, Company Grade Officer, Field Grade Officer of the Year. The Henry D. Green Volunteer of the Year Award was also presented. Several winners, who could not attend due to deployment, were able to join the event via live-web cam from across the globe. Congratulations to all the nominees whose hard work, passion, and dedication serve as examples to everyone. The 301st would like to thank the Hilton Fort Worth’s staff, EVERY Airmen, contributor, supporter, friend, and family member who not only made this event a success but furthermore are the very motivation behind every achievement we strive for. Thank you very much. -JR (U.S. Air Force Photos/Staff Sergeant Jeremy Roman)
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